What Clients Are Saying
  “Kym is wonderful!!!  She respects the individual – body, mind, and spirit – and takes the whole being
into account as she facilitates how best to help that person using massage and energy work.

I trust her comprehensive knowledge of the body and her intuition; this has enabled me to relax
and absorb the therapy.

Kym is truly a gift in my life!”

~ Linda,
   Lafayette, IN

“I am so fortunate to have found Kym. 
I had suffered chronic, almost debilitating, neck pain for over 15 years. 
I made huge lifestyle changes and still nothing helped and I was resigned to the fact that
this is how it would be. 

Through the work that Kym has done over the past 14 months, I am now pain-free. 
It truly is a miracle, I never thought it possible.”

~ Deb S, cyclist,
   Timonium, MD

“I was training for my first Half Ironman Triathlon.  A few months prior to my race, I began having major back issues which were caused by a slipped disc in my neck.  I was always very careful to take rest/recovery days, regularly visit my ART Doctor and continue my practice of yoga 3-4 times a week.  None of these were helping my neck and I was having numbness and pain all the way down my arm to the tips of my fingers. This was exaggerated in tri position on my bike because of the angle of my neck.  My ART Doctor referred me to Kym about 2 months prior to my 1/2 Ironman.  Kym was able to help me get through my race with great success and I have continued to visit her once a month.  My neck and arm pain has completely been eliminated.  I would recommend Kym to anyone, but especially athletes.  She spends a lot of time prior to every session to understand what she needs to focus on during your treatment.  She also uses many different massage techniques, so she is able to determine what might be the most beneficial one for you. 
I know that I will always leave Kym in much better shape than I was when I arrived. 
The key to success with Kym is continued visits.  Massage is a great treatment, but an even better prevention. I can't thank her enough for her continued help to keep me in the race!

Thanks Kym!”

~J.Goff, Product Marketing/Triathlon
  Baltimore, MD

"Kym Stine-Warnick and her Tri-Wellness practice has been a God-send to me. 
When I first saw Kym I was suffering from fibromyalgia.  After a few visits I felt tremendously better. 
I have now been seeing Kym once a month and my fibro is no more.  Kym's massages are the best,
and I feel like a new person.  Thank you, Kym, for your help and healing." 

~Deb D.
  Hunt Valley, MD

 "I am someone who has, for many years now, been a absolutely satisfied customer of Kym's superior art of therapeutic massage and body work. Her careful attention to the physical and spiritual needs of each client, and her never ending pursuit of greater knowledge, therapies to enhance her client's whole health, and just the right expertise to enrich her customer's lives, improve their quality of living and revitalize their inner spirits are qualities you can't easily find in just any individual doing body massage. I am sure I speak for everyone fortunate enough to work with her when I assert:  It is fundamentally the best resolution you can make to take advantage of the work Kym does to improve your fitness, wellness, and health."

~Jean N.
  Balltimore, MD